Installing Torch on Dice

28 Mar 2016

So a few days ago I tried to install Torch7 on DICE machines. DICE machines are basically the version of scientific linux that I use at work in the Informatics Forum.

So the reason I’ve decided to write about this isntallation is that apparantly there isn’t anything available out there. The official Torch7 documentation provides instructions for OS X and Ubuntu only. To be honest I’m quite new to all this scientific linux business and don’t consider myself any close to being a super/power user, so maybe there are other far better instructions available for this, but here is what I think, quite a simple basic user’s version of achieving it.

Simply download the binaries and build them as you would do normally. The only difference is that most likely it won’t be enough to have a functional copy of Torch on your system.

But thankfully all that you need to do is to add the path of your torch installation (and some other file, that I can’t remember at this point) to your environment. And that’s all!