Installing Tensorflow on Dice

29 Mar 2016

Right, yesterday during one of the reading groups meeting we decided to have the next session on TensorFlow installation on DICE machines. So I decided to test it out and find why it is considered to be problamatic.

Turns out its very simple!

I’d recommend that you use VirtualEnv as otherwise you’d need sudo access to the machine.

Right so here are the steps for installing the GPU version:

  1. Activate your VirtualEnv
  2. pip install --upgrade
  3. Check the version of cuda on your machine. On DICE its in the /opt directory.
  4. export PATH=$PATH:"/opt/cuda-X.X.XX/bin" where its cuda-7.5.18 for my machine
  5. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:"/opt/cuda-x.x.xx/lib64"

Equivalently you can append these things to your config file.

Thats it!! You are good to go.